Re: [CSS3] foreground-image

Hi Brad,

> Since it is the default behavior on IMG, then you could say that any 
> browser supports this on IMG. Can Prince also support it for other 
> elements? And for other attr, such as href?

Yes, we implement img using this rule in the default XHTML style sheet, 
and you can apply a similar rule for any other element or attribute.

> Would something like this be workable:
> a { content: attr(href, url) }

Yes, although only if href points to an image, we don't yet support 
embedding HTML files as images, although it wouldn't be too hard to add.

> or
>  a {content: image(attr(href, url), 25, 25, 300, 300); }

No, as we don't support this new image() function.

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Received on Sunday, 16 September 2007 04:12:30 UTC