[css3-grid] New draft Grid Positioning

The CSS WG will publish a new draft, called "CSS Grid Positioning 
Module," with some new ideas for alignment and positioning. It lets an 
author define an (invisible) grid in an element to position child 
elements to.

The draft should be compared with the Advanced Layout module[1], which 
defines a layout grid in another way. The working group is planning to 
try and merge them eventually (or at least make it possible to use 
features from both drafts together).

The document is not online yet, but should be later today. (I'm going 
offline for a few days, that's why I announce it now.) The URL will be


As usual, this mailing list, <www-style@w3.org>, is the preferred place 
for discussion of the draft. If you send comments, please prefix the 
subject line with [css3-grid] as I did on this message.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/WD-css3-layout-20070809/

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