Re: special borders

Nikodem wrote:
> 'border-special' property would overwrite other border properties, and 
> have values written below, which set system borders:
> * none (border is set by other properties, default)
> * text-box (as in <iframe>)
> * fieldset
> * button
> * etc.
> What about?
With regard to the first two items (after “none”):

You can emulate the borders of an iframe element in Firefox 2, Internet 
Explorer 7 , Opera 9 , and Safari 3 (beta) by using CSS2.1 border: 2px 
inset. The color is custom to the browser, but you can change it so that 
borders between iframes and other elements match (except in Internet 
Explorer). For Internet Explorer, you would have to figure out which 
color it’s using for the iframe border and match to that.

To emulate the border of a fieldset element, you would use border: 2px 
groove. Again, the color is custom but can be changed.

Emulating the border of a text field (textarea/input elements) 
consistently is a bit more problematic, but fantasai already covered a 
solution for that.

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