Re: mirror copy of CSS2.1

Alex Mogilevsky:
> Why are page numbers in PDF version of CSS 2.1 mirrored – odd  
> numbers on left pages and even on right? It is supposed to be the  
> other way, isn’t it?

Well, that depends.

For books you want odd numbers on right pages, because the binding is  
on the left of the sheets and therefore the first page, like the  
cover, is a right one. After binding you often want the right margin  
of left pages and the left margin of right pages smaller than the  
other two, perhaps adding up to their size.

If you shrink two (portrait) A4 pages to A5, so they fit on a single  
(landscape) A4 sheet, and put them in a folder, then you'll probably  
want the first and all other odd pages on the left. Book-like margins  
will result in a strange appearance.

Sheets are put into folders in many different ways, by the way. Even  
if you just consider one logical per physical page, every sheet has  
two sides that may or may not be used for individual pages. You can  
put in the first sheet first or last, with the face up or down.
So you may encounter folders where you begin at page /n-1/, which  
has /n/ on its back and so forth until at the end there is 1 before  
2, others may be ordered logically 1 through /n/ only if you turn it  
around and open up the backcover.

Received on Saturday, 1 September 2007 15:59:40 UTC