Re: [CSS] Expandable background images, proposal

fantasai wrote:
> Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
>> I propose to add 'expand' value to the list of existing values of the 
>> 'background-repeat' attribute.
>> background-repeat: expand; is a simple yet powerful way of defining 
>> complex backgrounds and borders widely used in modern web design.
>> As an example it will cover almost all cases where rounded corners are 
>> required.
>> background-repeat:expand; is defined here:
> How is this different from the current 'border-image' proposal?

Differences are:

First of all: my proposal does not require new attributes like 
border-image you have mentioned.

Second: I am using single image for background and borders. As far as 
understand the border-image in the way it is defined is mutually 
exclusive with background-image. Or probably I do not understand its 
idea enough? E.g. what comes first: rendering of such border-image or 
rendering of the background-image? As far as I understand either one of 
them shall be drawn on top of another. So what is the point to use them 

Usually such expandable borders and background is really a single entity 
from graphical design perspective so it is better to define them as a 
single image. Expandable image is really a background image by its 
E.g. it is rendered as normal background - in padding box of the element 
so can coexist with existing borders. The border-image is again mutually 
exclusive with borders: "Specifies an image to use instead of the border 
styles given by the 'border-style' properties". This is too limiting.

And yet:
border-image in
allows sections to be defined in percents. That is theoretical feature 
rather than practical one. At least we never saw this required
in 3 years of background-repeat:expand; use.

The same thing with the 'round' modifier. To be used practically such 
roundness shall be implemented as a constraint of dimensions of border 
box of the element. In the way it is defined in the border-image it is 
not useful at all.

Andrew Fedoniouk.

Received on Saturday, 24 November 2007 22:44:53 UTC