Re: Proposal of @ua

The initial proposal shows a fundamental error in concept.  It
indicates "sniffing" for Firefox when the proper token is Gecko.  

Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine (the backend) is used in Firefox,
SeaMonkey, Camino, and other user agents, all of which render
HTML/CSS the same.  However, half-witted Web developers sniff for
Firefox, leaving the other Gecko browsers unable to view pages
correctly.  To compensate, Mozilla browsers have the ability to
spoof other user agents, which renders sniffing useless and which
also invalidates the use of logs of UA strings to measure the
prevalence of particular browsers.  

CSS should not contain any feature that makes sniffing easier.  

David E. Ross

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"Why NOT Road Rage?" or "Why Is There No Such 
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Received on Sunday, 18 November 2007 16:04:47 UTC