Re: W3C CSS Home Redesign RFC

Richard Ishida wrote:
> The reason I wanted a smaller size is that I, myself, find it difficult to
> read the CSS page as it is currently. 

That's interesting.  The font used in the paragraphs is just using your 
preferred font size as set in your browser preferences.  So you should be able 
to set that to a size you like and not have a problem, right?

Or was the concern the headings and so forth?

> (Having said that, a choice of font at a given font-size can actually help a lot too.)

Here the CSS page _is_ setting the font-family.  I question the need to do so. 
Presumably you have your default font set to something you like to read at your 
default size, right?

> I just wanted to put my hand up for those who personally prefer (slightly)
> smaller text.

The right solution for that is to not override the user's preferred font-size, 
at which point every user can pick the font size he wants.


Received on Thursday, 15 November 2007 09:31:34 UTC