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The #1 thing that has surprised me for many years about the CSS site is
that it has never been particularly stylish.

I think having a site that looks like it was created by a designer
rather than a spec writer is important given the topic of the site.  It
sort of sets the standard for what can be done with CSS, etc.

- -Dylan

fantasai wrote:
> Heya everyone,
> Jason Cranford Teague (AOL's CSSWG rep) and I are planning to redesign
> the CSS homepage to make it more useful and give it a new look:
> We're interested in your feedback on how to make it more useful and
> usable. I consider this community and other people following the
> development of CSS3+ to be our main target audience, although that's
> also up for debate. :)
> We do need to provide a soft landing for those new to CSS since we're
> the definitive resource on CSS, both by virtue of defining CSS and by
> being the first hit [excluding the music group] for CSS on Google,
> Yahoo, and MSN Search. We aren't a good resource for learning CSS, and
> won't be for the forseeable future, but we should point to good places
> to start.
> I did a few in-person interviews at the Tech Plenary last week, here's
> what I've gathered so far:
>   Good information for web designers wanting to learn CSS:
>     Several designers suggested the css-discuss wiki (and mailing list)
>     as the best place to direct people.
>   Critical Links
>     Steve Zilles pointed out that we should have fast access to
>       - CSS specs and drafts
>       - www-style archives and subscription info
>       - CSS test suites
>       - CSSWG blog
>       - our wiki
>     Kevin Lawver also suggests
>       linking to
>       - the validator
>       - HTML and WebAPI WGs
>       - info on how to contribute to what we're doing
>       and not spending any front-page real estate on the long lists
>       of "what's new in [tools|tutorials|browsers|etc]".
>     Jason also included information on the CSSWG: structure, mission
>       and participation
> So, to reiterate, we're looking for *your* feedback on how to make the
> CSS homepage better. Some questions to get started with:
>   What should be our objectives for the site? What's needed, who should we
>   targetting, and what should we provide for them?
>   What do *you* want from the site? What links are most important?
>   What critical information do you feel is missing (or very hard to find)?
>   How would you organize the site's content?
>   What should we do with existing content filling up
> and
>   ? (E.g. scrap it, put it on a separate page, format it as a table,
>   outsource it to a wiki, whatever)
>   Anything else we should take into account?
> ~fantasai
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