Re: how should this invalid CSS be parsed?

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>I have the following CSS
>	a {x:1}
>	}
>	b{y:2}
>	c{z:3}

My reading of the latest CSS 2.1 draft is that this is not CSS at all
(it does not parse according to the generic syntax) and it's not clear
whether, despite saying parsing of non-CSS is not defined, there are
rules that cover this case. At best I would agree with you that

>The specification says (as I remember) that if an error is found it is 
>resolved with the next valid block.
>So I thought the CSS above should be equivalent to:
>	a {x:1}
>	c{z:3}

The } is considered part of the selector, which then fails to parse,
and causes the selector and declaration to be ignored, cf. the third
paragraph in 4.1.7.
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