Re: font size in tables

Tim Slattery wrote:
> In our world, we use a standard stylesheet. That sheet has an entry
> for the "body" tag that includes "font-size:75%". I'm not sure what it
> takes 75% of, but that's not the question....
> I have a page that consists of nested tables. If I don't specify any
> font-size attribute on the outer table, everything appears in the
> "full" font size, that is, 100% of whatever the body tag is taking 75%
> of. The table doesn't seem to think that it's part of the "body".
> If I specify "100%" for the outer table, then text within it is the
> same size as body text: 75% (of something). But the text within the
> nested table is the same 100% of whatever the body is taking 75% of.
> Makes no sense to me.
> So I have to specify 75% on the inner tables, and 100% on the outer
> one. This is true in both IE and Gecko browsers.
> I don't understand what's going on. Does anybody"?

Frankly, I don't understand what you're actually trying to achieve. Do 
you have a url that demonstrates your current issue?

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