Re: [Bug 360746] The right panel has disappeared at (fwd)

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>>> 1)  Should a change of "rel" from "alternate stylesheet" to
>>> "stylesheet" have any effect?  If so, what?
> You mean whether this should re-run the algorithm that decides which 
> style sheets to apply?

No, I mean exactly what I asked.  In Gecko, for a while, that change reloaded 
the stylesheet (reparsed it, etc).  I've changed things so that we no longer do 
that, but the question remains what the "right" behavior is, imo.

> I suppose it would be nice if HTMLStyleElement.disabled was changed 
> LinkStyle.sheet.disabled would change and vice versa. Which should solve 
> this issue, I think.

You mean that HTMLStyleElement would have out-of-band disabled state (not 
represented by any attribute), which would persist even if the sheet linked to 

What Gecko does right now is to just track the disabled state on the sheet; 
setting HTMLStyleElement.disabled just sets LinkStyle.sheet.disabled.

I could probably live with having the state in both places and keeping them 
synced...  That way a new sheet load after disabling the previous sheet will 
also be disabled.  Is that the behavior we want?


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