Re: [css3-gcpm] Multi-column floats overflowing the column

Also sprach Del Merritt:

 > >  > Having not (recently) read the "separated[sic] CSS3 module [CSS3COL]", I 
 > >  > don't see how widow and orphan lines in columns are handled; the worst 
 > >  > case would be a single line in column 1 appearing on the next page, of 
 > >  > course, but there are several ways for columns to not align well, 
 > >  > particularly when the goal might be to present on US-Letter and A4, for 
 > >  > example.  CSS3COL does say, "In all three cases, the UA determines the 
 > >  > height of the columns based on the content which needs to be fitted. 
 > >  > Content should be balanced between columns to minimize the column 
 > >  > height, while honoring the 'widows' and 'orphans' properties.", but that 
 > >  > doesn't seem to address how columnar data that crosses page boundaries 
 > >  > should work.  Is that implicit in the other properties in @page?
 > >
 > > I'm not sure I understand the question. 
 > >   
 > If the block that is in column style does not specify its height in any 
 > way, then on paged media the actual height on a given page cannot be 
 > greater than the page box.


 > When the text, etc., that is in that block 
 > would not fit on a single page, I have missed how it would spill onto 
 > the next page(s), particularly the last page required.  If this was a 
 > 2-column newsletter and there were 10 lines of text that spilled from 
 > Page 1 to Page 2, I think the preferred result would be for all 10 widow 
 > lines to be in column 1, leaving column 2 empty.  Another designer might 
 > think differently.

Right. We need a property for this. Perhaps:

  column-fill: auto | balance

Prince, BTW, supports this:

 > What I find missing in a paged-media spec are more examples of 
 > multi-page results.  "Page floats" sort of address this, but I don't 
 > think the relationship to columns is clear.  This is also why I wonder 
 > if there is an appropriate way for @page rules to regulate such styling.

The CSS WG is working on releasing a new version of the multicol
draft. Hopefully, it will fill in some gaps -- including the
'column-fill' property above.

 > > BTW, You are referring to an old draft of the multi-col spec:
 > >
 > >
 > >   
 > Ah.  I was referring to the version explicitly mentioned in the "Other 
 > References":
 >     [CSS3COL]
 >         Håkon Wium Lie. Multi-column layout in CSS. 18 January 2001. W3C
 >     Working Draft. (Work in progress.) URL:

You're right, our fault. The reference should have been:

Thanks for alerting us,

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