RE: [css3-gcpm] Multi-column floats overflowing the column

There is no contradiction here. GCPM defines new kinds of float behavior, specifically with the intent of overriding clipping behavior of columns. Therefore definition of how these new floats interact with other objects (including columns) belongs in GCPM.

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Subject: [css3-gcpm] Multi-column floats overflowing the column

The new Generated Content for Paged Media draft shows several
examples of floated items overflowing a single column. For instance,
this code:

img {
   float: top right column;
   width: 3gr;

shows a float spanning the right 2 columns of a 3 column layout.
However, isn't this at odds with the statement in the Multi-column
Layout draft that states in Section 3 "The Multi-column Model":

"Content that extend outside the column box (e.g., long words and
floats that are higher and/or wider than the column box) is clipped.
This only applies to content for which the column box is the
containing block (i.e., as if the column box had 'overflow:hidden')."

In this case, the float's containing block is the right-most column
box ("The column box of the column the element flows to becomes the
containing block of the element."). Shouldn't the float be clipped
where it protrudes from the left side of the 3rd column? Or did I
miss text that overrides this constraint?


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