Re: [CSS21] New Candidate Recommendation

On Monday 30 July 2007 15:57, White Lynx wrote:
> > Implementors are urged to implement these features,
> > or correct bugs in their implementations, if they wish to see these
> > features remain in this specification.
> > New 'list-style-type' values
> > 'armenian'
> > 'georgian'
> > 'lower-greek'
> Georgian numbering is properly implemented in Opera and Mozilla and I
> fail to see any bugs in those implementations.

That's good to know. It means Georgian can stay in the spec.

> > Implementors are advised to look at CSS3 Lists instead,
> Description of Georgian numbering gived in CSS3 List is wrong and
> misleading. Refer to this test case instead

The CSS List module has currently low priority. The module seems pretty 
independent of most other modules, which allows us to finish a couple 
of other things before we spend time on it again. It doesn't surprise 
me that it contains errors, but eventually it should give the details 
of Georgian numbering that CSS 2.1 lacks.

If somebody provides a good replacement text for the List module, I'll 
put it in. But I don't know when we'll have time to publish another 

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