Re: OT: <table chart="pie">

Rikkert Koppes wrote:
> A way to do this is applying a xsl stylesheet to the table (either via
> script or an included stylesheet) and transforming the thing to an svg
> piechart.
> I have in fact done this before with a transformation to a standard
> graph. By applying this transformation via scripting, you could still
> display the data as a table for browsers that do not support xsl
> transformations and svg rendering.

Why would you use XSL-T, if scripting is available? Especially doing
pie-charts using XSL-T is painful as XSL-T is a "functional" language
without mutables, so you can't just move through the data and add up the
angles of the pies in a straightforward fashion but by recursion which
is bloated even more by XSL-T's "syntax".

Besides, client-side scripting enables dynamic SVG graphs.


Received on Friday, 27 July 2007 22:31:53 UTC