Re: unite two space: attributes and properties

Dmitry Turin wrote:
> It's uncomfortable, that assignment into attribute
> (for example, into @cellspacing) is impossible in css-file.

What you are proposing appears to be a fundamental breach of the 
principle that content and presentation are separated in CSS.

> Source of document is cluttered up by superfluous attribute @style,

That tends to indicate gratuitous styling.  Although cases have been 
made for the use of the style attribute, it is really a last resort, 
with, in increasing order of preference, id based selectors, and general 
rules, being preferred.

Most presentational attributes in HTML have been deprecated since last 
century, and if there are some that still can only be implemented with 
HTML, the correct solution is to provide CSS formatting capabilities 
that allow them to be made redundant as well.

David Woolley
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