XCCS = XPath + CSS (was: Re[2]: attributes as virtual tags)

Good day, Pascal.

PG> XPath will be used as selection language for CSS[*]

But i'm sure, that possibility to use XPath in CSS will create mess in brains,
because CSS and XPath differs strongly.

a b {}                        a//b {}
a>b {}                        a/b  {}
a.classname  {}               a[@class=classname] {}
a#identifier {}               a[@id=identifier]   {}
a[attr]      {}               a[@attr]     {}
a[attr=val]  {}               a[@attr=val] {}

I seggest alternavite CSS, i.e. XCSS,
in which old notation will be forbiden.
Thus html-file can contain string
    <link href="styles.xcss" type="text/xcss" rel="stylesheet">

At the same time, i sure, it's necessary to develop old CSS further.
It means, it's necessary to add
  ža1,ža2,ža3 { display: table-cell }
into it.
Thus XCCS and CSS should develop in parallel way:
what property is added into one of them,
the same property is added into another of them.

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