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Grant, Melinda wrote:

> David Woolley said:
>>Incidentally, marquee is an accessibility no-no, because it is 
>>distracting and it is difficult for slow readers (including 
>>not native 
>>language) to read.  That is why it wasn't retained as a 
>>element in HTML.
> Well, it depends I think on what part of one's accessibility is limited.
> For mobile users (whose screen size is limited), marquee provides an
> accessibility benefit.
> Best wishes,
> Melinda
My example wasn't intended to present <marquee> as a good thing, only to say 
that considering time values in CSS Stylings would provide something similar, 
just to provide an example most people would be familiar with. Also, the marquee 
effect is still available in CSS3; it is an overflow mechanism. See

If this effect is under CSS control, users may be able to set their own personal 
styles to eliminate or slow this feature, turning a negative into a positive.

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