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CL> much of the Microsoft documentation has old dates, like 2001. I would
CL> be glad of pointers to more recent and more technically detailed
CL> documentation.

I checked with Microsoft. They tell me that ICM 2.0 in Windows XP SP2
supports only version 2 ICC profiles as specified in the
ICC profile specification version 3.2 (Note: There never was a
"version 3" ICC profile: profiles corresponding to versions 3.x of the
ICC profile format specification document are all version 2 profiles).

CL> The CMS in Windows Vista is supposed to be a big improvement.

Support for version 4 ICC profiles was only added to ICM with the
Windows Color System in Windows Vista.

So, current Windows systems are correctly described by the ICC 3.2
specification currently referenced; unless a third-party CMS like
Kodak, Adobe, LinoColor or whatever is installed, version 4 profiles
will not be understood.

CL> In general (to get back to your question) it seems to be the right
CL> thing to update to the current version, it may be ok to go for "this
CL> version or higher" and I would prefer to have more hard facts to go
CL> on. I have a couple of enquiries going and will report back.  At this
CL> point I am mainly concerned with when Microsoft ICM 2.0 was updated
CL> and to check what version of ICC profiles is supported in the version
CL> that ships today (XP SP2).

It seems that my caution was, unfortunately, well justified. OS X and
Linux are on ICC v.4, but Windows XP is by default still on v.2

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