Re: Maintained matrix of CSS properties v. browsers/rendering engines ?

My thanks to all who have responded.  AFAICT,
Seamonkey /should/ honour an <h3> with style
"page-break-after: avoid" immediately followed
by a <p> with style "page-break-before: avoid"
but does not (the print page is broken between the
two); it's not clear to me whether the style on the
<p> is required at all, but since adding it makes
no difference, I am inclined to think that

is rather disingenuous in its analysis of Firefox 2
w.r.t. page-break-after: avoid and page-before-after: avoid
(I have checked, and Firefox and Seamonkey
1.7 behave identically in this respect, so it's not
an artifact of Seamonkey).

If anyone would care to offer an opinion, a demo.
document is at

and the intrusive page break takes places after the
<h3> element "HTML Evolves" at the bottom of page 2
(assuming A4 paper with standard margins).

Philip  Taylor

Received on Tuesday, 30 January 2007 18:26:52 UTC