Re: [CSS21] SVG WG comments on the 06 Nov CSS21 WD

Erik Dahlström wrote:
> ISSUE-103: (referencing unicode)
> SVG WG: Please see [2] which states:
> "C062 [S]  Since specifications in general need both a definition for 
> their characters and the semantics associated with these characters, 
> specifications SHOULD include a reference to the Unicode Standard, 
> whether or not they include a reference to ISO/IEC 10646."
> The SVG WG insists that the CSS WG follow the charmod spec[2] on on 
> referencing unicode, because ISO10646 only gives you an ordering 
> sequence, and doesn't give you any info about the characters.

CSS2.1 already normatively references Unicode. I'm not sure what
else you want here.

> ISSUE-104: (CSS reserves all property values and @-keywords)
> SVG WG: If by this resolution the CSS WG means to retroactively make 
> conforming SVG 1.1 documents with external stylesheets invalid, then we 
> object. The SVG 1.0/1.1 specs were published several years ago and 
> cannot be expected to change.

The CSS WG does not intend that sentence to make all conforming SVG 1.1
documents with external stylesheets invalid CSS. They are invalid CSS2.1,
but so are documents that use selectors introduced in the Selectors spec.

> We need further clarification from the CSS WG on this issue, and 
> suggestions for how to proceed seeing how we would like to see SVG 
> content with styles stay valid.

As we have already discussed, we have agreed to make SVG's set of CSS
properties formally part of CSS by publishing them as a CSS3 module.


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