RE: Alignment property proposal

fantasai wrote:

> Markus Mielke wrote:
> > *Problem:*
> > 
> > Allow centering of content within a containing block. Today, we only 
> > have text-align: center available that only applies to text and inline 
> > elements. This makes general centering of elements (like images) really 
> > difficult.
> > 
> > *Proposal: *
> > 
> > It would actually be better to create a new property ...
> I've written this up for the wiki here:
> There are a number of open issues. I'll paste the summary below, with my
> suggestions in **.
>     - Whether the property affects the element's alignment within its parent
>       or its descendants' alignment within itself.
>         **Proposed that it should affect the element.**

I believe it should only effect the element and should not be inherited. <center> is inherited and does create the need to overrule the alignment further down the document tree. I believe the alignment property proposal should be considered as an option along with float:center as I can see use cases for both.


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