Re: [CSS21] Clarification re Default Media Type

Al Gilman wrote:
> ...
> This undermines the argument that the @media all rule applies when no
> specific media type is specified; however, it has been made plain -- at
> least in email form -- from the editors of the CSS 2.1 draft -- that the
> @media all rule DOES apply when no specific media type is specified;
> consult:
> <>
> ...
> as Al Gilman, WAI PF's chair, pointed out during this exchange, in the
> Visual Formatting Model section, the display property is explicitly
> defined as pertaining to all media types, and yet, in the definition of
> the none value for the display property is found the following:
> ...> 
> This could be misread to imply: "when the display property's value is
> none, it is not included in the graphical formatting structure (that
> is, layout), but should still be available as a kind of generated
> content, which occupies no part of the visual canvas, but which is
> rendered in the aural canvas."
> Other than in the definition of the display property, our reviewer
> couldn't find another instance in the draft that indicates that it
> applies to all media types.
> Assuming that you *do* mean display='none' to apply to all media, the
> Protocols & Formats working group requests that clarifying wording be
> added to the CSS2.1 Technical Recommendation where appropriate, so as
> to faithfully implement the consequences of the default media type
> being 'all' when no media type is defined. It needs to be clear
> whether display=none means nothing is presented to the user, in any
> medium, not only a graphical medium involving layout boxes.

I'm having a very hard time understanding what problem you want fixed.
I'm guessing that you want a clarification about "display: none" applying
also to non-visual displays. I've recorded that as issue 22
But there's a lot of other text in your post here, and I can't tell if
it's trying to request some other change as well or what.


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