Re: [CSS21] Inaccessibility of Index to CSS2.1 / Violation of WCAG

Al Gilman wrote:
> The index for CSS2.1
> <>
> replicates the inaccessibility of the index to CSS2, in that it uses
> chapter/section numbers as hyperlinks without so much as a title to
> indicate to which entry in the index the repetitious numeric hypertext
> points.  The PF WG's designated reviewer stopped counting when he
> reached 250 instances of the hyperlink text "1", which only took the
> reviewer into the "I" section of the index (specifically, on the target
> that hyperlinks to the definition of "<integer>", a fact which was only
> discoverable by following the link).

Recorded as issue 21

It would help a lot if you could point to an example of a W3C report
index that does follow the accessibility guidelines.


Received on Thursday, 20 December 2007 19:15:18 UTC