Supports in Media queries

Apologies that this is not linked directly to the previous posts, I
joined the list this morning after coming up with an idea that I
thought would be useful going forward. Then I searched the list
archives to find the idea had already been argued over in the
'Proposal fro @ua' thread.

In which case I'd like to simplify my argument to an agreement with
the idea of a 'supports()' value in the @media syntax. Whilst I
realise this will not cover the possibility of a user agent claiming
support for a property but not providing full support it would help
designers cope  with backwards compatibility whilst still making use
of new standards earlier.

One excellent case in point is the recommendations for Multi Column
Layout [1] and Grid Positioning [2] by testing for support of the
'columns' property you can write code for user agents that support the
first and by testing for 'columns' and 'grid-columns' you can add
extra styling for user agents that also support Grid Positioning.

Whilst this will still bring up the issue of different agents support
different properties differently I think it would be very helpful
going forward.

Thanks for your time.


Simon Proctor
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Received on Thursday, 20 December 2007 03:41:44 UTC