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I've written this in reply to David Baron's last post to the member-only list. It seems to make sense to actually reply in public... David has mentioned Microsoft in his last may but I am not forwarding this to pick up a discussion on my company. I want to focus on positive side of working in the open...

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I started to reply to this mail with a copy to www-style, then I realized this is the last message to w3c-css-wg; if you choose to reply, feel free to include any list you like...

I greatly value your opinion on CSS and on pretty much anything, so it is sad to hear that you relate you change of participation in CSSWG to Microsoft. I will not comment on the merits of EOT discussion, or where it should take place.

I want to say though that whatever makes CSSWG inefficient is not action of its members but their inaction. There is just not enough experts actually editing CSS3 documents, and there is not enough discussion that bring significant amount of new functionality to a level that would be implementable, consistent and at least as specific as CSS2.1.

Hopefully, with CSSWG already having pretty much all discussions in public, and new public attention from groups like CSS11, there will be more productive input. I don't think it will just happen by itself though. I still think the best way to make progress is for implementers to agree what they can do and do it, whatever type of forum it takes...

Looking forward to seeing you on public forums

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