Re: [css3-multicol] [css3-grid] and other layout managers

On Dec 14, 2007, at 7:45 PM, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:

> Think about this: we almost near to have five different background  
> drawing methods: nothing(transparent background), solid color,  
> gradient, image(that has 5 or so sub methods) and the border-image  
> thing.
> At least last three conflict with each other.
> Say you have gradient and image defined for the same element.  
> Whichever wins? They have to be mutually exclusive.

This one point is not completely true. A background image does not  
always repeat, and it is not always 100% opaque. Both GIF and PNG  
allow transparent portions to show the solid color fill (background- 
color) behind them. I would expect a gradient to show through the  
those areas of the image and the areas not covered by the image in  
the same way.

> Otherwise redefining solid background color for some element  
> requires explicit disabling of all other background attributes like  
> images and gradients.

It sounds like you are suggesting to have the 5 methods you mentioned  
by all mutually exclusive. But I would prefer to be able to combine  
solid with background-image, as we can today. Gradients could be  
combined with background-image in the same way.

Disabling the image is only necessary if you no longer want the image  
on top of your solid or blended color, so I have no problem with the  
way that is already done.

In regards to disabling a gradient to show a solid color, this  
becomes a moot point if the gradient is used as a color value. There  
is probably no need to have a gradient with translucency in front of  
a solid color on the same object, or a solid but translucent color in  
front of a gradient on the same object. Which is one reason why the  
idea to use a gradient as a color value for background-color, color,  
border-color, etc. was so brilliant.

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