[css3-multicol] Editorial Comments


Overall, I suggest giving the property subsections some
kind of descriptive text in addition to the property name,
like in the CSS3 Text drafts:

Dependencies on other modules

   I think we can remove this section and maybe move
   the conformance section up front. You're already listing
   all the normative references in the References section.


   # By removing presentational table markup from documents
   # they can more easily be presented on various output
   # devices, including speech synthesizers and small mobile
   # devices.

   Change to

     | Removing presentation table markup from documents allows
     | them to more easily be presented on various output devices
     | including speech synthesizers and small mobile devices.

   Examples II and III should have some explanation of the expected
   results, just like Example I.

   # Finally, ‘column-fill’ and ‘column-span’ give style sheets
   # a wider range of visual expressions in multi-column layouts:

   I think this sentence is too vague to be useful to anyone. Not
   sure what to replace it with, though.

4.3 'columns'

   Remove the definition list and all but the first sentence of
   description. Then add
     | Omitted values are set to their initial values.

   which should take care of everything and is consistent with
   wording for other shorthand properties such as in the CSS3
   Backgrounds and Borders module.

7.1 'column-span'

   # Content in the normal flow that appear


8. Filling columns

   # UAs will try to balance content between different columns.

   s/between different/among all/

   # Otherwise, columns will will automatically be balanced.

   s/will will/will/

10. Conformance

   # For the ‘column-rule-color’ property, conforming user agents are
   # only required to support the subset of color values defined in
   # [CSS21].

   This is already mentioned in the column-rule-color description. I
   suggest removing it from here.

   I also suggest copying the second paragraph from
   into this section.


Received on Wednesday, 12 December 2007 00:13:20 UTC