Re: Alignment property proposal

L. David Baron wrote:
> On Tuesday 2007-11-06 07:15 -0800, Markus Mielke wrote:
>> Proposal:
>> It would actually be better to create a new property called:
>> ' alignment'
>> Value:                                   left |center | right | inherit
> This also needs to have 'start' and 'end'.

Second that.

> I'd propose one substantive change:  I think that it should affect how
> the element is aligned in its parent, not how the children are aligned
> within the element.

I agree. It makes a lot more sense this way.

> Second, I'd defer to the formal definition of computing heights and margins
> to define how it works -- and this definition would make this (inherited)
> property weaker than auto margins.
> Thus I'd rewrite this as:
>   This property describes how block boxes:
>     1. without 'auto' side margins, and
>     2. smaller than the width that would fit in their containing block
>   are aligned within their containing block when they have no 'auto'
>   margins.  This property aligns blocks by changing the margins that are
>   used in the section on <a
>   href="">computing
>   widths and margins.

I think that in this case a specified margin should act as a "minimum" margin.


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