RE: CSS Generated content selection

The discussion of the last few days shows that a lot of people are passionate about the behavior and any solution will have its pros and cons...

I'd like to put in a couple of cents by mentioning that in Internet Explorer (where I work) we believe that the best end-user experience is to be able to select and copy content as it appear on screen. For generated content it certainly means carrying over anything generated, such as quotes, counters, chapter titles, etc.

Many scenarios were touched in this thread, so the complete answer is probably not that simple, I will not try to pretend I have it all covered. But really, the simple scenarios should do what is intuitive to the user (select what you see), and it doesn't contradict "semantic" copy for applications that are fully aware of content model and formatting rules.

(before anyone asks I can say that I can't share any specific details on implementation plans at this point; this is only a comment on what we think a correct behavior is)

Received on Thursday, 26 April 2007 20:41:47 UTC