Re: [Fwd: Re: non-rectangular images & <img> tag]

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 15:09, Paul Nelson (ATC) wrote:
> Could an image map possibly be used to define the outline of the area
> to flow around?

The last serious discussion about it was in 1996... Using a language of 
circles and polygons was considered, as well as using a separate image 
as a mask, but the simplest solution seemed to be to just use one image 
and make it transparent in the right places. But even that seemed too 
much for browsers at the time and it has been postponed ever since.

I still think that that simple solution is the best. Separating the 
contour from the image seems overkill. Just load the image into a 
paint/graphics program, cut out the contour and make sure the 
transparency is no more than 99% everywhere else. It means the method 
is image-format specific, it won't work with JPEG, e.g., but if it 
works with PNG and SVG, that should be enough.

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