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This is an interesting idea. However, I am opposed to mixing SVG in an
HTML/XHTML document in this way. It moves SVG from functioning as an
island to requiring integration with the HTML/XHTML content. It implies
that the UA must have a native implementation of SVG in their
application, or have a potential security issue by sharing an image
buffer space between two separate applications.

CDRF allows XHTML and SVG to be in the same document, but they are
separate "islands"...even when SVG is used as a background image for a

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Olivier GENDRIN wrote:
> On 4/25/07, Josef Spillner <> wrote:
>> In this case I'm with Matthew's answer. Such ideas are likely to be
>> found already in office/DTP applications, and it is really a
>> presentation issue.
> Hope a CSS WG member read that...

   Good point...

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Subject: Re: non-rectangular images & <img> tag
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Olivier GENDRIN wrote:

> We could have that code : <img
> src="" alt="" width="100"
> height="100" shape="circle" coords="50%,50%,50%"/>. I allows elegant
> degradation as far as the old UA will ignore shape and coords, and use
> width and height.
> But perhaps this should be done on the CSS side, as far it's a
> presentational issue...

   I would say so. In fact, I'd like to see something like this:

| <img src="Image.png" alt="" style="crop: url('circle.svg')" />

   This would allow you to use the alpha values from images and and SVG
files to perform cropping of both images and other content.

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