Re: CSS Generated content selection

Spartanicus wrote:

> FWIW I consider the HTML spec requirement that a browser should generate
> quotation marks around content marked up with the <q> element as a
> flawed concept. Quotation marks for inline quotes are punctuation marks
> like commas, full stops etc. and should be part of the content proper,
> not generated by the browser.

I'd see quotation marks as the way in traditional (non-machine-readable) 
writing to define (or mark up) where a quote starts and ends. This 
function is fulfilled far more unambiguously by the actual markup of the 
<q> element.

> IMO if for example the numbering of items in a list is more than mere
> presentation they should /also/ be made part of the content proper. IMO
> the generated prefix to list items is mere presentation on par with a
> border specified on a paragraph.

For standard numbering (1,2,3,...), I'd disagree on this. It's not mere 
presentation, but the visual manifestation of the markup. If it *is* an 
ordered list, the fact that it's marked up as such needs to be preserved 
when copying, IMHO. However, I tend to agree in cases where the 
numbering has been set to something exotic (e.g. roman numerals).

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