Re: [CSS21] Make XHTML <body> magic just like HTML <body>

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 17:06:43 +1000, David Woolley 
> <> wrote:
>> The structural elements are identified in the style sheet.
> Huh?

In order to render the document it should not be necessary to know the 
structural significance of the elements; at least that's the ideal. 
However, to the extent that the structure affects the presentation, all 
the elements need to be identified in a style sheet (which might be 
obtained separately from the document, to allow all such documents to be 

> Domain specific formats would just be converted to HTML. It's already 
> being done.

I think you have basically decided that HTML is the presentational 
language for XML documents.  In reality that is a hack to make use of 
HTML browsers.  I don't believe that was ever the intention behind XML.

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