Re: [CSS21] Make XHTML <body> magic just like HTML <body>

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 00:14:28 +0200, David Woolley  
<> wrote:

> Simon Pieters wrote:
>> Because authors who are confused about the differences between HTML and  
>> XHTML outnumber those who are confused about the differences between  
>> XHTML and other forms of XML, I would guess by orders of magnitude.
> I think most of those are also confused about when they should use
> XHTML at all, to the extent they should only be using HTML.

Indeed. I fail to see how this is relevant to this discussion, though.

Not saying that you do, but if you are implying it is a good thing to  
scare authors away from using XHTML by having unnecessary differences  
between HTML and XHTML, then I disagree.  The confusion results in  
questions, and to answer the questions you need to explain how the system  
works, which is not trivial to do. If this difference is taken away, then  
the questions would not be asked, and the authors can instead spend their  
time doing more productive things.

Simon Pieters

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