Re: [CSS21] Computing widths of block reflow context roots in the presence of floats

The CSS WG decided as follows on Boris Zbarsky's comment[1] about 
behavior of blocks that establish a new block formatting context in the 
presence of floats:

    1. Link the words "may become narrower" in 9.4.1 to the 5th
       paragraph of 9.5 "Floats"

    2. In the first sentence of that 5th paragraph of 9.5,
       change "margin box" to "border box" (this is issue 21)

    3. Add this sentence at the end of that 5th paragraph of 9.5:
       "They may even make the border box of said element narrower
       than defined by section 10.3.3. CSS2 does not define when a
       UA may put said element next to the float or by how much
       said element may become narrower."


(For reference, this is issue 2 in the forthcoming "Disposition of 

Boris, please let us know if this doesn't solve the issue for you.

For the CSS WG,

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Received on Monday, 16 April 2007 16:53:33 UTC