Re: [css3] Questions concerning namespaces module

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>>> * Would "toto|A" also work without a namespace declaration assuming that
>>>  there is such an element, or would it be ignored?
>> If you mean whether the selector 'toto|A' would match anything if the
>> prefix 'toto' has not been declared, then the answer is no.
> I would hope that not only would that selector not match but that the 
> rule in question would be discarded altogether....

Yep. The Selectors spec defines this:

   # A type selector containing a namespace prefix that has not been
   # previously declared is an invalid_ selector.
   # .. _invalid:

CSS3 Namespaces can't define this (because it requires some knowledge of
the context in which a qname is used), but makes a recommendation that
any modules referencing it make an equivalent statement:

   # Those modules should define the use of a namespace prefix that has
   # not been properly declared as a parsing error that will cause the
   # selector or declaration (etc.) to be considered invalid and ignored.


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