Re: [CSS3 print test suite] page-break-inside test inconsistency

Ludger Buenger wrote:
> This test suite implicitly assumes that there is an alowed page break opportunity between the box with the green border and the following ordered list. The result is supposed to look like the attached pdf "assumed-result.pdf" with a page break between the green bordered box and the ordered list.

I agree that the implicit assumption is unsafe.

> But I got utterly confused since it appears that page breaking behaviour in HTML seems not to be well defined (or at least I did not manage to figure it out).

That's correct.  Page breaking behaviour is presentational, so any
reference to it in the HTML specification would be non-normative.
Non-normative, presentational, hints in the HTML specification tend
to be limited to online use, and mainly just GUI use.

> Or is the rule -though not normative- justified and the test case should be adjusted to allow an explicit page break before lists?

It is definitely justified as, in English, one typically has
an introductory paragraph before a list, in some styles ending in
":".  In good typography, that paragraph should finish on the same
page as the list starts.

PS Please don't type whole paragraphs on one line.  Contrary to the 
behaviour implied by many GUI email clients, MIME text/plain does not 
have reflowable paragraphs; wrapping long lines should be treated as 
error recovery only.  (When I used non-GUI tools to reply, it was easier 
to fix this than with Thunderbird.)

Received on Friday, 13 April 2007 06:46:19 UTC