Re: XBL in CSS

Matthew Raymond schreef:
>> And if you want strange effects in a page, I think 
>> it is acceptable when that requires a transclusion (a Java applet, a 
>> bit of SVG, etc.)
>    Why would you want to pollute your beautifully semantic (X)HTML with
> a bunch of markup that's only there for presentational purposes? If the
> effect isn't important to the content, it makes much more sense to
> include it via a style sheet binding, especially if this effect is going
> to be on every web page on your website and you're not using a server
> based application to build your pages dynamically.

That makes no sense. You already ‘pollute’ your XML / HTML with 
reference(s) to style sheet(s), so I do not see the argument here.

Given that the markup depends on the presence of XBL for its behaviour, 
it seems strange to me to reference it a. indirectly, and b. from a 
within a presentation language.

In the contrary, I think it makes more sense to refer to the XBL 
stylesheet directly from the XML (or HTML) file, and let the binding to 
specific elements be done in the XBL itself (through the ‘element’ 

This would also keep prevention of the cycle that fantasai mentioned 
within the XBL domain, and not pull it into the CSS implementations.


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Received on Monday, 4 September 2006 18:50:58 UTC