RE: [css3-selectors] Multiclass selectors

> From: Boris Zbarsky []
> Barry Pannebaker wrote:
> > I read the entire Selectors Module before posting.  Perhaps I missed the
> > normative text to which you refer.  Could you please tell me where it
> is?
> Section 4.  It explicitly describes what a selector matches (though a
> clearer
> statement to the effect that a sequence of simple selectors matches nodes
> that
> match all the simple selectors in the sequence could be nice).

Thank you, Boris, for your second reply.

I do see, in Section 4, "A selector consisting of a single sequence of
simple selectors represents any element satisfying its requirements."  And,
perhaps that's all there needs to be in Sections 4, since its purpose is to
give a bird's eye view of selector syntax.

But, an example of a multiclass selector would be of great help.  And, since
the purpose of Section 4 is to give the bird's eye view, and the purpose of
Section 6.3.1 is to give the syntax specific to attribute selectors, I
suggest Section 6.4. "Class selectors" as the best place for the example.

I don't think a new statement needs to be made in 6.4.  Making the change to
the statement in 6.3.1 that I originally suggested would support the example
in 6.4.

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