Re: [CSS 3] Feature Request: Negotiation selector

Marco von Frieling wrote:
> So, there we have the first problem, resetting some values to their default.

What do you mean by "default"?  Does this differ from the "initial" keyword in CSS3?

> It means: (Try to) Apply the following rules to all elements selected by h1,
> h2 and h3, but not to elements selected by .login h1.

Or we could allow things other than simple selectors as arguments to :not...

Note that in your case if the combinator in use were ">" instead of " " you 
could already do  ":not(.login) > h1".  Sadly, ":not(login) h1" doesn't mean the 
same thing as "h1:not(.login h1)" would if it existed.


Received on Saturday, 18 November 2006 02:57:52 UTC