First letter styling in Malayalam (Rules)

Styling of first letter in Malayalam (South Indian language)

While applying styling, in addition to the styling of first character some more combinations are to be taken into consideration.

1.styling applied to consonant-cluster +vowel
       ക്ഷമ         (kshama)-patience
    ത്രിവേണി    (thriveni)
    ജ്‍ഞാനം     (jnaanam)-knowledge
    സ്കൂള്‍      (school)
    ശ്യാമ       (syama)-a name
    വൃത്തി      (vruthi)-cleanliness
    പ്ലാവ്       (plaavu)-jackfruit tree

2.styling applied to consonant+vowel marker
     പൌരന്‍     (pauran)-citizen
     കേരളം      (keralam)
     സൂചി       (soochi)-needle
     മൈന        (maina)-a bird
     കോണ്‍       (koon)-corner
3.styling applied to consonant+anuswara
    കംസന്‍       (kamsan)
    അംശം       (amsham)-a portion

4.styling applied to consonant+visarga
    ദുഃഖം        (dukham)-sadness

So, it seems that here also the style applies to the grapheme cluster for Malayalam, not the syllable or conjunct or first character only

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