Re: Fw: First Letter Styling for Indian languages

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Could people please not post these JPEG attachments to the list:

1) they waste space in mail folders (along with the bloated pseudo
   HTML used in some of the messages) and should be on a web site instead.

2) JPEG is about the worst possible common image format for magnified 
   font images; TIFF G4 or monochrome GIF would be much better.

3) Whole articles seem to have been used when fair use would only have 
   required the area immediately surrounding the usage.  That means
   they are probably copyright infringements, and it is much easier to
   remove them from one web site than hundreds of mailboxes.  The source
   should have been attributed for use under "fair use".  

Received on Thursday, 11 May 2006 21:30:41 UTC