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On 5/8/06, Laurens Holst <> wrote:

> Example:
> a {
>    background-color: yellow;
>    animate-properties: background-color;
>    animate-duration: 2s;
>    animate-motion: logarithmic;
> }
> a:hover {
>    background-color: orange;
> }
> Thank you for your attention.

I like the idea. Not sure whether the properties are all a good idea
(especially I have a problem with animate-motion ), but I haven't
really thought about it.
I would also like to have a delay option, something like animate-delay: 2s;

>From your example, it is not clear when the animation should begin.
I believe you want it to begin when you hover over a link. I think you
would also need to have a animate-state: hover; property or something
like that (or put the animation properties in the :hover state).

Btw, there is in css3 also various marquee properties to make
scrolling text (which is also a way to animate things):
But I don't think I like that very much.


> ~Grauw
> p.s. I still dislike the comma-syntax used in multiple backgrounds; if
> you take the above code as an example, it is more 'normal' in CSS to
> specify units and keywords (in this case, animate-duration and
> animate-scale) separated by spaces. Oh well.
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