Re: Downloadable fonts and image replacement

Also sprach David Woolley:

 > > is JPEG. Only the "lossy" half of the JPEG standard is used, not the
 > > "arithmetic coding" part. The unused part of JPEG is encumbered with
 > This is confusing.  As I understand it, arithmetic encoding is an
 > alternative to Huffman coding, which is also lossless.  The wording
 > above seems to suggest that the whole encoding is lossless when using
 > arithmetic encoding.  I believe there is a lossless JPEG standard, but
 > the use of arithmetic encoding is either completely orthogonal or 
 > coincidental.

No, it's not. Arithmetic coding is part of the original JPEG standard. 

 > (On further research, it peforms worse than PNG and is
 > effectively dead.)

Indeed. Which is why it would have been a bad idea to require browsers
to support it.

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