Re: I18n comment: bidirectional ordering

Martin Duerst wrote:
> At 19:53 06/01/21, wrote:
>  >Note that this (presumably) applies really to Hebrew but not Arabic, 
> since
>  >the latter script is cursive.
> I have a vague recollection of Arabic with letters of different size.
> I hope somebody can confirm.
> There is nothing in principle that would disallow making the first
> letter larger (or otherwise different in style) even if the script
> is cursive.

What about Devanagari and similar scripts? This is a case where the 
first letter is not necessarily at the start of the line even without 
bidirectional ordering. I don't know if traditional typography in these 
scripts includes any feature of making the first letter different in any 

Actually, Martin's "otherwise different in style" seems to open a whole 
new can of worms. If different scripts have a different "native" way of 
accentuating the first letter, an appropriate property would need to be 
added to the Text Effects module.


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