[css3-selectors][css-selectors] Comments on Section 6.3.1

1)  The heading of the section should probably say "value selectors", not 
"values selectors"...

2)  The example starting with 'The following selectors illustrate the 
differences between "=" and "~="' has the following text:

   The first selector will represent, for example, the value
   "copyright copyleft copyeditor" on a rel attribute.

That seems wrong.  The selector can represent a 'a' element with a rel attribute 
having "copyright copyleft copyeditor" as the value; it doesn't represent the 
value itself.

3)  The example that has 'link[hreflang|="en"]' as the selector says "for which 
the values ... begins".  That should be "for which the value ... begins".

4)  The last example starts with the word "Similarly".  It's not clear to me 
what it's similar to; I suggest removing this word.


Received on Sunday, 22 January 2006 00:16:00 UTC