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Comment 4
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"E[hreflang|="en"] an E element whose "hreflang" attribute has a hyphen-separated list of values beginning (from the left) with "en""

I think this should be made more generic, ie. replace hreflang with foo in the pattern to match the surrounding text. Otherwise it appears that this only works with hreflang. You could mention hreflang as an example of the type of attribute you have in mind (but see also point 1b), but my understanding is that this attribute can be used not only for xml:lang or lang attributes too, but also in principle for other attributes defined in schemas that use a similar mechanism for values.

If this is not the case, and particularly if xml:lang and lang are not to be used with this selector, that should be made much clearer. 6.3.1 says "For lang (or xml:lang) language subcode matching, please see the :lang pseudo-class." This is not clear enough to say that those attributes are not relevant to this selector, and if my understanding is correct, would probably benefit from the addition of 'also' before 'see' to clarify the sense.

> From: Daniel Glazman 
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> #4 I tend to disagree with changing 'hreflang' to 'foo'. We are not
>     only giving here a meaningful example. Nothing in the prose says
>     the selector is restricted to lang or hreflang

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