Re: Regarding Comma Separation

On Tuesday 2006-01-17 21:45 -0500, Kelly Miller wrote:
> Yeah, even that is better than using a comma-separated list of values.  
> The syntax for background: is already really ugly, and it's only going 
> to get more ugly as properties are added.  Making it a comma list will 
> multiply that by a huge factor.

I agree.

I sketched out an alternative (and more powerful) proposal last year,
but haven't had time to develop it further.  I've stuck it up on my Web
page to gauge feedback:
(see section 2, Gradients and Patterns).

(It's probably appropriate to use this list for followup to this
message, although it's probably not appropriate for general comments on
the draft since it's not (yet, anyway) a W3C draft.)


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