Idea: parent selector

Good day,

sometimes i like to have a "parent combinator", something like :
E < F : an E element parent of an F element
F::parent(E) : the E parent element of F
which will modify the parent when a special child is found.

Situations :
# match tag "item" parent of tag "content"
item < content { border-left-width:1ex; }
or why not :
# match tag "title" child of tag "item" parent to tag "link"
item < link > title { font-weight:bold; }
link::parent(item) > title { ... }

Not *often* used, but could, sometimes, be useful i think...

Anyway, i strongly support the "negation class", this one will really help!

Received on Wednesday, 11 January 2006 04:15:22 UTC